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  • Laboratory services with Biosytech Medical Laboratory

    Laboratory services with Biosytech Medical Laboratory

    Biosytech Medical Laboratory
    Provide reliable, timely and informative laboratory services.
    Offer valid exclusively for Pentacare Cardholders:

    Discounted price for Pentacare Card Holders.
    Biocheck Gold: 299 AED
    Biocheck Diamond: 499 AED
    Biocheck Platinum: 999 AED
    Food Intolerance Test 220: 1099 AED
    Female Hormone Profile: 199 AED

    Company profile:
    The team at Biosytech is headed by Dr. Adley Fernandes, a highly qualified and experienced pathologist. He worked in various reputed academic institutions before taking up the leadership role at Biosytech. Under his direction the laboratory has built up a reputation of providing excellent service to our clients. The team of professionals at Biosytech has developed a quality conscious attitude and is always available to support the clinician with any requests or queries.
    Our quality measures which have been accredited by JCI (USA) ensures perfect management of processes – collection, transport, handling, registration, analysis and report generation to ensure accurate results for the clinician taking care of the patient.

    Web-site: http://www.biosytechworld.com
    Address: Villa No. 172, Mankhool Road, Jafliya, Satwa
    For the appointment call: +971 4 3988567

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