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  • Ayuryoga – nurturing body and mind!

    Ayuryoga – nurturing body and mind!

    10 % discount on Yoga classes, Health Workshops, Health Coaching and Reiki Healing exclusively for Pentacare cardholders.

    Company profile: Our mission is to create awareness about holistic, and natural healing techniques to live a happy and healthy life.

    Exclusive offer: 10% discount on all standard rates, does not include any promotional rates

    The services we offer:


    Office and Home Yoga

    Prenatal/Post-natal Yoga

    Yoga Therapy for specific ailments

    Yoga for teens and hyperactive children

    Breathing exercises (Pranyama)

    Stress management meditation


    Health Workshops (can be tailored)

    Employee health & wellness workshop

    Healthy eating in the workplace (smart eating, eating out, packed lunch)

    Sugar Blues (Solving sugar cravings)

    Food and Inflammation

    How to lose weight without dieting

    The healing power of plant-based diet

    10 Simple lifestyle changes to boost health and vitality


    Health Coaching: Offers clients a 6 month program with a dedicated health coach to guide you make lifestyle changes and teaches you to make easy healthy choices so that the whole family can be healthy and disease free without relying on junk food.

    Reiki Healing: The word Reiki means universal life force. It’s a gentle, Japanese healing practice where the person receiving the treatment experiences a deep relaxation which helps restore and balance the mind, body, and soul. It’s a hands-on treatment, where the practitioner lightly places their hands on the client (or just above) and the practitioner focuses healing energy to the receiver.

    Address: Muweilah area, Al Reem Building, Level 2, 202/ Or home/office visits in Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai

    Telephone: +971553282186 / +971507346691

    WhatsApp: +971553282186 / +971507346691

    Website: www.ayuryogacare.com/ www.suzannesaleh.com

    Instagram: @suzannesaleh_wellness/ @ayuryoga_sharjah


    • 24 hours prior booking is required
    • The above offer would be applicable to all Pentacare card holders on cash basis irrespective of the network type
    • Original valid Pentacare insurance card will be presented in the front office counter to avail the offer
    • Discount will not be applied on any promotional rates.
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