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  • 9 Tips for Better Posture

    9 Tips for Better Posture

    Lousy posture isn’t just bad for your back. A constant slump smashes your inside organs together and can cause real trouble. So straight your back and read this article! Don’t Be a Slouch It adds to the stress on your spine. That puts a strain on the bones, muscles, and joints you need to hold

  • Healthy Ramadan fasting tips

    Healthy Ramadan fasting tips

    During the Holy month of Ramadan, healthy adult Muslims practice daily fasting from dawn until sunset. Traditionally, one breaks the fast at sunset with a meal called Iftar and then eats again pre-dawn at Suhoor. By following simple guidelines, it may help you lose weight and decrease blood pressure and cholesterol. Alternatively, over-indulging at Iftar

  • Bad Habits You Really Need to Drop

    Bad Habits You Really Need to Drop

    Cracking your knuckles, bingeing on sweets, biting fingernails — these things and more may be doing more damage than you realize. 1. Crack’ Your Knuckles It doesn’t just annoy your friends and co-workers — it may not be very good for you, either. A substance called synovial fluid keeps your joints moving easily. The sound

  • 5 Ways to Stop Your Worry

    5 Ways to Stop Your Worry

    By Seth J. Gillihan, PhD Worrying is a tough habit to break, even though, like many other bad habits, it’s clearly not good for us. Most of what we worry about never happens, and the costs of excessive worry are considerable: unhappiness, tension, poor sleep, and irritability, to name a few. So, what makes us

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