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What is PBM / e Rx?

In contemplation with DHA mandate dated on 30th December 2013, all medical providers should request electronic approvals from payer/TPA (Pentacare) for all prescriptions (either paper or electronic form). The portal of this electronic system is PBM (http:// www.pbmlink.com)


How to activate PBM system?

The medical providers who are in network list of Pentacare need to send email request for activation of PBM at network@pentacare.net with license specifications (DHA/HAAD/MOH)


How many days it will take for activation of PBM?

It will take 3-5 workings days upon receipt of the email request of activation.


How we do submit claims through PBM?

• The providers who are using non-integrated system and processing through all transactions through PBM portal http: // www.pbmlink.com// are entitled for real time claims submission through system. Automated PBM approval code will be generated and the viagra sans ordonnance system will process these claims for submissions to Pentacare.

• The providers who are using integrated system are entitled for claims submissions at end of month in form of e claims to Pentacare


How can we cialis achat france resubmit fully /partially rejected services through e claims?

Upon receipt of Remittance advice, you can re-upload the rejected services with the requested details. For any further assistance, you can contact us at doctors@pentacare.net


What are Payer Id‘s for e claims processing?

DHA /Dubai Providers

Pentacare’s ID/ Receivers ID


Payer’s ID: For payer Id’s kindly contact us on network@pentacare.net

HAAD/ Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Providers


Payer’s ID: For payer Id’s kindly contact us on network@pentacare.net


What are e claim / Electronic claims billing?

E claim is a statement from health care provider presented to insurance company /TPA for evaluation and settlement of services through electronic portal. Electronic claims billing is the process by which a health care provider electronically submits a bill, or claims, to a Payer /TPA (Pentacare) for rendering medical services.

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