800-73682 (PENTA) 24 X 7 Help Line

How many networks are available with Pentacare?

There are five networks available with Pentacare they are Penta Plus, Penta 1, Penta 2, Penta 3 and Penta Eco.


How do I know if a Healthcare facility is on Pentacare Network?

Pentacare Network members are updated on a monthly basis with the list of providers included in their networks. Check with your point of contact with regards to your policy (HR/insurance company/broker as applicable) for the list of providers where you are eligible.


Am I eligible to visit any provider on Pentacare Network?

Please refer to the Pentacare Medical Provider list, which is the tabulation of eligible categories to said provider.


How do I find the address, location of a facility within the network?

Please visit the “Medical Provider” section on the Pentacare Website to get further details of your preferred facility.


How can I be a part of Pentacare Network?

To become a part of Pentacare Network, you have to forward your letter of interest on Pentacare empanelment to Network Team at network@pentacare.net. Please note that empanelment is at the sole discretion of Pentacare wherein the feedback evaluation of your application will be communicated in writing – subsequent to the evaluation process.


How do I report a complaint against a facility?

We strongly recommend that all complaints are reported to Pentacare 24/7 HELPLINE at the point of incident. Our HELPLINE agent will resolve minor issues within the scope where possible and guide you on the procedure in forwarding a written complaint.

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