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  • 6 healthy tips to stay safe and healthy this summer

    As May is only the start of the summer period, residents in Dubai can be assured to face rising temperatures and humidity levels.

    If you don’t want to spend most of the time in clinics and hospitals here are few tips that can help to guarantee a safe and healthy summer.


    1.    Stay cool and hydrated.

    Sip water all day long, rather than just when you are thirsty. If you are thirsty it means you are already dehydrated. Carry water with you in a hard-plastic reusable container (more stable polycarbonate rather than polyethylene that leaches plastic into the water).

    The amount of water required depends on the sweat rate which in turn is determined by the work rate, age, weight and gender of the person. In general, a good rule of thumb is every person should drink 30 to 35 ml of water per kilo of body weight.

    Drinks containing caffeine speed up the dehydration. Think of coffee, tea and energy drinks; these are better avoided during summer. Drinks containing sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and carbohydrates support the hydration, and are best at a concentration rate of 4-6 per cent.


    2.    Protect yourself from overexposure

    While enjoying the sun and outdoors, protect yourself from overexposure to sunlight by wearing a hat and using natural sunscreens without excessive chemicals.

    Outdoor activities are best to be scheduled in the early morning or evening hours, as temperatures usually peak between 12noon and 4pm. When venturing out, wearing cotton clothes of light color are recommended.

    Carry Aloe Vera gel for overexposure and have an aloe plant growing in your home for any kind of burn.


    3.    Keep up or begin an exercise program.

    Aerobic activity is important for keeping the heart strong and healthy. However, humid weather makes it more difficult for the body to cool down so try to avoid exercising outdoors or try to relocate your activities indoor like basketball, swimming, yoga or squash. Always remember to exercise when you are well hydrated: drink plenty of water within the hour before, during and after your exercise session.


    4.    Enjoy Nature’s bounty

    Food can either increase or decrease hydration of the body. In general, salt and sodium and oil should be avoided. Spicy food is better kept away, while fruits and vegetables are recommended. Include some protein with one or two meals. There are a number of light, nourishing proteins that don’t require cooking. Most of these complement fruits and vegetables – nuts, seeds, sprouted beans, soy products, yogurt, kefir, and cottage cheese. Fish and poultry can also be eaten.


    5.    Relax.

    Summer is the season to slow the pace a bit and absorb the light that stimulates your hormonal message centre. Leave your cell phone at home or take a week off from TV.


    6.    Nutritional supplements

    Can support you with a greater amount of physical energy,

    Enhancing your summer activities. The B-complex vitamins are calming to the nervous system and helpful for cellular energy production, while vitamin C and the other antioxidants protect your body from stress, chemical pollutants, and the biochemical by-products of exercise. Helpful summer herbs are Siberian ginseng as an energy tonic and stress protector, dong quai is a tonic for women, hawthorn berry is good for the heart, and liquorice root will help energy balance and digestion.


    Pentacare wishes you to enjoy the summer and to stay healthy!

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